10 Bedside products every modern bedroom needs

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We spend a lot of time in our beds. Heck, you might even be reading this from bed (no shame!). For that reason, you owe it to yourself to make your bedroom as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.


  • What are some tips for falling asleep at night? First things first: put your phone down. Along with that, make sure you’re eating right, getting plenty of water, and reducing your daytime stress.
  • I fall asleep just fine, but waking up sucks. Are there gadgets to help? You betcha! Check out these smart alarm clocks to get your day going.
  • Where can I find more bedtime gadgets? We’ve got you covered – check out our bedtime category here.

Even if you don’t actually get eight hours of sleep a night (although you really should), your bedroom should be a sanctuary. After all, from reading to catching up on emails to endless social media scrolling, we spend a lot of time in our beds.

And as such, you should make your bedroom a great place to be. These bedside products are all about improving your time between the sheets no matter what you get up to.

Lin-Tong Felt Bedside Organizer

Slim and simple, this organizer has a tab that slides under your mattress to give you instant storage right by your bed. Whether you have no space for a nightstand or simply want things within reach, the Felt Bedside Organizer gets in done in total style.

VASO Smart Aroma Diffuser

There’s no better way to help you unwind than an aroma diffuser. But, VASO is smarter than the rest. There are five nature sounds to choose from along with two misting options. You can even set the volume perfectly. VASO remembers your settings to get it right every night.

Dodow Metronome Light Sleep System

This incredible device actually helps you fall asleep 2.5 times faster than before. Dodowsits on your nightstand includes a metronome to regulate your breathing. Slowing down to about six breaths per second, your body activates your baroreflex to help you achieve ultimate calmness so you can whisk off to sleep.

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BedShelfie Minimalist Bed Nightstand

Similar to the felt organizer, BedShelfie offers a place to put everything right where you need it. It installs easily onto your bed frame and comes in three colors to fit right in. There’s space for your tablet, Kindle, smartphone, remote, controller, or anything else you need.

NiteSpecs LED Light Reading Glasses

Leaving the light on when you’re in bed can certainly keep your partner awake. Instead, rock the NiteSpecs to get LED lights right where you need them: on the book in front of you. Because they offer a direct stream of light, they’ll only illuminate the book and not the entire room.

Lenovo Smart Google Assistant Clock

Compact and modern in design, Lenovo’s Smart Clock gives you all the control you want for your smart home devices thanks to Google Assistant integration. Plus, it can also help you establish smart bedtime routines such as automatic dimming of your lights.

Dozzi Natural White Noise Machine

Some of us require a bit of ambient noise to drift off. Dozzi is a compact white noise machine that has adjustable fan speeds as well as sounds. It even features a built-in night light with your choice of light color.

Casper Glow Smart Sleeping Light

Designed to help you naturally unwind after a long day, the Casper Glow Light delivers a warm glow when it’s time to rest. Thanks to the color of the light, it signals to your body to wind down, helping you drift off to sleep.

Eight Sleep Pod High Tech Bed

While technically a bed and not made for your bedside table, we’re adding the Eight Sleep Pod to the list because it’s so incredible. It combines dynamic temperature regulation, smart home integrations, biometric tracking, and sleep coaching for better rest and recuperation. Plus, you can adjust your side of the bed to be between 55°F and 115°F based on your needs.