5 Best Wired Mouse for Office Work

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When it comes to office setup, a wireless mouse is more convenenient. Not only do you get a clutter-free setup but wireless mice also score more on the portability factor. However, if you stay in an area with high signal interference or if your PC has an older Bluetooth card, the odds are you will face interference more than your liking. It can get increasingly annoying while you do your office work. And that’s when wired mice come into the picture.


One of the primary advantages is that you do not have to worry about charging the battery. Plus, the connection is stable, minus any interference and lags.

If you want a buttery smooth performance minus any drags and lags, surprisingly, gaming mice prove to be one of the better replacements. They are ergonomic, and the response is mostly accurate. And as long as you use the proper cord organizer on your office desk, there should not be any cable management issues.

Now that we have established that, here is the best-wired mouse for office work that you can buy.

Let’s have a look. But first,

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It bundles several buttons, and the good news is that a majority of them are programmable. More importantly, it packs a custom 5G optical sensor, which is responsible for accurate tracking.

And as you have guessed already, this one is an able gaming mouse. With an optical sensor, 20,000 DPI, and no-interference issue, you can game in all its glory.


The highlight of this mouse is the built-in PMW3366 optical sensor that is responsible for its smooth performance. So whether you are drawing the mouse over a large area or moving it fast over a small area, it stands up to the scenario with ease. At the same time, you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse as per your liking.

From the gaming perspective, things look quite great. The DPI can be adjusted anywhere between 200 to 12,000, and this is further accompanied by an equally impressive polling rate. It packs six programmable buttons.

Lastly, the Logitech G403 Hero bundles an ergonomic design and shouldn’t be difficult to hold. But the slight high-profile build means the front of the mouse can be slightly difficult to reach if you have small hands.


This mouse also comes with RGB lighting. Yep, you read that right. Similar to gaming mice, you can customize it through the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software. And that’s not the end of the story.

The software also allows you to customize the button and record macros to up your productivity. Plus, you can also play with the speed of the mouse. The latter is especially important if your job involves scanning and browsing through documents.

Last but not least, the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse finishes its solid look (and performance) with a braided cable. As you may already know, a braided cable is much more durable than its non-braided counterpart.

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However, if you used a slightly low-profile mouse, you might have to invest a little time in getting used to the height of the mouse. There a generous thumb-rest on the side, apart from the ample number of buttons. More importantly, the G502 bundles an infinite scroll wheel (both horizontal and vertical) that comes in handy while scrolling through long documents and the likes. In short, all these features work very well from the productivity point of view.

The highlight of the Logitech G502 Hero is its switches. These have a life of around 50 million clicks. But note that some Logitech mouse switches tend to wear out soon and may result in double-clicks and misclicks in the long run.

Nevertheless, this mouse is quite popular on Amazon and has more than sixteen thousand reviews to its credit. As per Fakespot’s estimates, you can trust over 75% of the reviews. And did we mention that it has a beefed-up DPI of 16,000?


However, it’s not all looks for this mouse, and it packs its share of performance as well for the price. It can track between 1,000 and 1,600 DPI and delivers a smooth performance. There’s a DPI button to adjust it as per your requirement.

The affordable pricing means you will have to trade off some features. For instance, you can’t program the buttons. On the upside, they come in handy if you read through long blogs or browsing through some online content.

This mouse is quite popular on Amazon and has collected its share of positive reviews. People love it for its ergonomic shape as well as its durability.