5 Must Have Gadgets for your Bag in 2019

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Gadgets You must have read hundreds of articles on how to never leave home without essentials like a bottle of water, sunscreen, and an extra credit card. But today technology has taken over our lives like never before. Needless to say, we need to welcome it, adapt to it, and allow for it to give us its best. Our phones need to stay charged, storage friendly, and do everything they’re meant to.


So here’s a list of must carry phone and other gadgets to keep in your bag in 2019.

Phone Power Bank

Unfortunately, phones don’t come with an infinite battery life and charging points aren’t always handy. But fortunately power banks are as common as carrying gum now, and they come in every possible shape, size, capacity and budget. This tube shaped power bank costs just about $6 and charges a phone for upto 2 hours. And since it’s 2018, 2019, and being eco-friendly is important, why not a solar phone charger that does the job, without any electricity at all. Check out this portable solar charger that can be strapped on to a bag making it perfectly for short trips and backpacking.

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Bluetooth Beanie with headphones

This little wearable gadget is less a must have, but more a good to have. When nights take a turn for the worse and get chilly, just slip on this warm beanie hat, which also doubles up as a headphone with its built in bluetooth speakers and mic. You never have to take out your hands again from the pocket for a call or make space to jam on a pair another headphones. Perfect for the winters and even a good to have during the nippy season.

Bluetooth Smart Watch

Mechanical watches are classic yes, but there’s only so much they can do for the amount of space they command on your wrists. It’s 2018, 2019, and technology has invaded to become a part of things you wear. So just being able to see the time on your watch won’t do. Smart Watches like this one help you keep track of your fitness in terms of measuring steps taken, calories burned, heartbeats, and also display alerts or photos from your phone via Bluetooth. All this apart from showing the time of course.


A non boring maverick charging and data transfer cable

As phones are getting geekier and sleeker with better technology, so are the accessories. We now have multi-functional cables, 2 in 1 cable for Android & iPhone, thread braided cables, retractable games, LED light cables, the works. Then there’s cables that are bracelets! There’s no need to be stuck with a vanilla black cable. Because like your phone, your charging cable will say a lot about your personality. Ok maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the point.

Flash Drive

Just like limited battery life, our phones also come with limited internal storage. (Not looking at you Google Pixel!) Which means there’s only so many apps you can download, and so many photos or videos you can store in the best of phones. But luckily, there’s an easy solution to that problem also in the form of Flash drives.

These tiny iPhone or Android of wireless flash drives work just like normal USB flash drives and plug into your phones. So you can transfer and store tons of data in them, and just plug them in when you want to access that data, be it music, photos, or movies. Also helpful, when you don’t trust the cloud too much or accessing the cloud content costs a pretty penny in data charges.