8 Best Desk Cable Man­age­ment Acces­sories

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Cable A cluttered desk is not anyone’s idea of a healthy workspace and can prove to be detrimental to your productivity. If you were to ask me, I would prefer to start my day on a speckless clutter-free desktop with no unsightly cable visible. Yep, no phone charging cable or notebooks on the desk.
CableIn short, there should be nothing to distract me from my work. If you echo these thoughts and are looking for some clever desk cable management ideas and accessories, you have come to the right place.

Below are some of the best accessories for cable management. Here, we have covered it all — from unsightly under desk cable management tools to take care of dangling cables to neat tools to manage short cables and wires — you name it.


I use a desktop, and one of my greatest pet peeves was seeing all the cables strewn around the underside of the table. There are two HDMI cables (I have a dual monitor setup), cords for the USB hub, and a card reader, and a USB extender. And as you may have guessed by now, the ‘under-table’ scene was terrible initially.

In such cases, a J Channel Raceway is the best solution. These simple tools can easily hide a number of cables and wires, thanks to the opening at the top, which lets you slide the cables into it.

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Furthermore, you can also cut holes in the middle to let out cables should the need arise. The diameter of the sleeve is around 1.5-inch and should be good to hold more than five cables with moderate thickness.

Plus, the smooth fabric gels well with the looks of most desks and tables. Another alternative you can check is the under desk cable management trays. These wire baskets allow you to have an open look. Plus, it’s convenient to clean and dust, unlike the ones above.


Though the adhesive is strong, you can also have them screwed. Plus, these nylon clips are durable and can stand say-to-day wear and tear.

It has raked in several good reviews on Amazon where users are praising its sturdiness and clever design. Note that it works well for cables measuring less than 5mm in diameter.

Once fixed, hide the rest of the cable with sleeve or tubings for a complete look. Another alternative that you can give a shot is the one by Toysdone. It’s a tad smaller than the one above, but it does its job as advertised and can hold around four thin cables.


Okay, you have managed the long, heavy HDMI and power cords. But what about small cables like phone chargers and wires like SD card readers? Worry not, there are tons of tools out there that let you handle small wires and cables with ease.


Users who have bought the Blue Key World Cable Clips seem to be happy with their purchases as a majority of them gave a satisfactory rating.


Cables and cable clips go hand in hand. If you have a slew of cables or planning to use a cable sleeve, cable clips are the ones that come to your rescue. These cable ties have seen plenty of good reviews. If we talk number, they boast of 4.5-stars out of 5 on Amazon. Users seem to like the versatility and durability of the product, among other things.

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You can use the horizontal slit as the input while the openings at the two ends can act as the output slit. This arrangement will give a neat and minimalistic look to your office desk by keeping all the messy wires hidden.

That way, it will boost your productivity as there will be fewer things to get distracted by. No more blinking LED notification light, no messy wires. And well, the wooden product will spruce up the looks of your desk.

You can also check out the HomeBliss Cable Management Box. It has a similar design, though it’s a tad stylish than this one.


The USB ports handle current output at 5V/2.1 A, which is good enough to top up your phone at a decent speed. The maximum power output is of 1250W and should be good enough for most gadgets and even monitors.

The product is easy to install. However, you may need to drill a hole if the desk doesn’t have one. Once done, it’s as easy as dropping it into it and connecting to the power source.


So, these were some of the cable management accessories that will help give you desk a clutter-free look. You can pair these products with cool desktop accessories, and you can have a mess-free desk in a few days.

Of course, it requires a bit of planning before you make the purchase. For instance, you need to be sure about how would you route the main cables and power cables. Secondly, you need to plan how you want to route the smaller cables. Once you have the picture in mind, it won’t take long to make a list of items you need and place the orders. After all, they are just a click away.