Best Grips for the Xbox Series X Controller

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With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has overhauled the Xbox Series X controller. Though they look a tad similar to their old selves, these controllers pack quite a few interesting features. For example, you get a new share button at the center, making it easier to share your recent feats with your gamer friends. More importantly, additional textured grips on the side triggers and handles add to the experience. But at the end of the day, the Series X wireless controller still comes with non-grippy wings or palm grips, which can turn a bit slippery with sweat, especially during long gaming sessions.Xbox

Thankfully, there are plenty of grips for the Xbox Series X controller to mitigate these sweaty situations. At the same time, they help provide the necessary grip so that the controller does not slip away from your hand when you are navigating the wilderness in Red Dead Redemption or doing your best to score a Rocket League goal. And well, these grips add a touch of comfort as well.

The best part is that you can add grips to the buttons if you are not comfortable covering the whole controller.

Now that’s settled, let’s see some of the best grips for the Xbox Series X controller, shall we? But first,


eXtremeRate also ships a duo of thumb grips as well. Like the rest of the product, this one also sports cool lines running along the top adding both look and texture.

Though some users have reported the height of the grips messing with the stick’s sensitivity, you can mitigate quickly by tweaking the sticks’ sensitivity settings. Lastly, installation is not a hard job. The eXtremeRate PlayVital is available in many colors, and if you ask me, the white version will look rad.

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The fit is secure, and several users back this as part of their reviews. Plus, these low rise grips doesn’t hamper the sensitivity of the thumbstick.

So far, these thumb grips have received quite a few positive feedback. Out of the 300+ reviews on Amazon, it has an average rating of 4.5 stars.


Does the idea of a studded palm grip on your Xbox Series X controller excite you? If yes, you should certainly have a peek at the aptly named Pandaren Studded Anti-Slip Silicone Cover. This silicone cover comes with raised studs in the front and back of the wings. And not only that, but the company also ships four pairs of thumb grips in varied designs.

Not only can you take your pick from the textures at the top, but you can also choose to go with the raised thumb grips should you want extra sensitivity for playing games like Halo 5 or Call of Duty (see the best Call of Duty: Warzone wallpapers).

The covers are easy to slip on and, like most of their counterparts, keep the side triggers and handles free to use.

extremes Rate Play Vital also has a studded cover for the Xbox Series X controller. Like the one above, it also ships a variety of thumbstick in different textures and colors.


If you want to keep things simple and easy, the YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin for the Xbox Series X Controllers makes for a good buy. These grips have been praised for the wing textures. They are soft to touch. However, they have enough firmness in them to yield a comfortable grip.

Like the one above, you get a few grips for the thumbsticks. They come in both concave and convex shapes, and the best part is that you also get to experiment with a duo of cat paw imprinted grips.

The YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin has been praised a lot for its fit and comfort. The cuts are precise and fit over the buttons seamlessly.

Out of the 30+ user reviews on Amazon, the YoRHa Silicone Cover has accumulated an average rating of 4.3-stars out of 5.

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Do you want your Xbox Series X controller to stand apart from the rest? If yes, say Hi to the thumb grips by AceShot. These grips are colored in a variety of attractive shades like green, blue and pink. Yes, you read that right! The affordable pricing means you can buy a bunch and switch them as per the game’s theme color. Pink for Cyberpunk 2077? Well, why not!

The company ships a total of 8 grips in various textures and height, giving you the wriggle room to pick one as per the genre of the game. In fact, the low-profile grips lend an excellent grip and are likely to improve your overall gameplay.

However, putting the grips on the stick is not an easy affair, and few users have pointed it out in their reviews. But the good thing is that they stay anchored and doesn’t move.

If you really like to try your hand on a few theme-based thumb grips, you can’t go wrong with the ones by Kontrol Freek. These are available in various themes and will surely uplift the looks of your Series X controllers and improve your accuracy and grip.