Repair MagicJack Troubles by Tweaking and Changing Your Proxy Settings

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Pinpointing / Changing Your MagicJack Proxy to resolve get in touch with good quality challenges

MagicJack is selling like hotcakes all close to the state. This is great for the parent organization, but can current difficulties for the individuals that order the device, especially if you dwell in 1 of their crowded markets (ie for me in Atlanta). I&#39ve been doing work on a number of guidelines and methods to improve MagicJack and resolve some widespread problems, and this just one solves the issue stated over. Right after enduring some pops and cracks in my calls, I started off pondering if perhaps the MagicJack server was slightly overloaded, and if so, there was a way to adjust the server. Following scouring as a result of every single system option, I realized that there was not a way to specify a diverse server from within just the MagicJack application, but obtaining a superior knowledge of networking, I was confident I could obtain some tricks.

Immediately after experimentation, I identified that if a MagicJack server was not offered, it immediately directed to the next obtainable server, so in my situation, if the Atlanta server was down for some explanation, I would be mechanically routed to the future closest server, Egypt Memphis, TN. To make MagicJack think that Atlanta was down, I developed a bogus route on my laptop that pointed to a non-persistent server, and when MagicJack established it could not hook up to Atlanta, as expected, I was routed to Memphis. I jumped out of excitation upon recognizing that the high quality was now Great. There have been no much more pops or cracks, and none of my get in touch with recipients were complaining of static. This tip to improve MagicJack and fix some prevalent complications is the a person I essential to throw away my property mobile phone bill. Just a warning, these upcoming couple of steps are rather specialized, so you should be thorough, or ask a techie good friend to assistance you out!

Locate your proxy to deal with prevalent MagicJack troubles

To successfully enhance MagicJack and resolve call quality issues, you need to have to very first discover the proxy server that you are working with. The measures under outline how to discover the proxy and vms servers that MagicJack is presently using to full phone calls:

Stage 1) Download the software pmdump from – pmdump lets you dump the memory from a particular course of action This is how we will get the proxy server
Step 2) Get started MagicJack
Stage 3) Determine MagicJack&#39s system ID (PID)

a) Open up a command prompt (start out-> operate-> cmd).
b) Execute pmdump -listing
c) Obtain “magicjack.exe” in the output. Observe the selection linked with it (normally 3 to 4 digits).

Move 4) Make at the very least a person connect with
Stage 5) Utilizing the command prompt and PID as explained above, execute: pmdump [pid] magicjack.txt
Phase 6) Open up magicjack.txt utilizing a textual content editor and look for for the string: s = ENSResip

For case in point, if you connect to the Atlanta proxy, you need to see:

o = – 390440284 390440284 IN IP4
s = ENSResip
c = IN IP4

Take note the IP addresses for each the proxy and the vms servers ( for proxy and for vms).

So you&#39ve identified your proxy, now it is time to modify it

Windows has a good developed in function for creating “routes” for servers. As I mentioned before in the article, the upcoming trick to enhance MagicJack and resolve call quality difficulties is creating MagicJack consider that the Atlanta server is down, so it will default to the next offered server. Applying the “route” command, you can set the Atlanta proxy and vms servers to a non-persistent IP handle on your area network (if your laptop or computer is, you could use just about anything in that selection, so To do this, run the following command from the command prompt:

route include [ip of proxy] mask -p
route add [ip of vms] mask -p

The command above will inform your pc that the MagicJack proxy server is in fact at, which is a lousy handle, so MagicJack will check out the upcoming readily available, and hopefully much less active, server. The-possibility tells your laptop or computer to keep the route persistent, or try to remember it after a reboot. If you want to use a certain proxy server (ie you come to a decision that the Austin, Texas server is the absolute ideal), you basically repeat the system above, but block Just about every proxy server, besides for the 1 you want to use.

Resource by Paul Falor